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I have made it a rule (so far just a week) to send a weekly newsletter to the participants of Global Agenda Seminar. Yesterday, I sent the letter No.2 in which I  discussed tips of communication.  First was how to summarize what you heard, such as Dr. Kurokawa’s key note speech at the first session. I summarized his talk at the session and also wrote a summary on my blog right after the session. Then I thought what kind of outline I would have prepared if I were Dr. Kurokawa.   After giving some thoughts, the idea came up that I will use 3 letter I to summarize his talk.  Interconnectedness, Individual and Impact.

Using 3 letters of alphabet to summarize something may be a good way.  3 letters are likely to stick in people’s mind.  We can also explain our view by using three main points.  One of the good ways to practice how to express your view is as follows.  For example, you decide whether you agree or not with the view expressed (it could be a speech, editorial or anything with the view).  Then you give three reasons why you agree(or disagree.)   You can also try something a bit simpler.  For example, you can state that you like (or not) the movie you saw recently.  Then give three reasons why you like (or dislike.)  This is a good way to express your view clearly and logically.

One other advice I gave in my newsletter was the need for persistence.  Many of us set up New Year Resolution, whether doing exercise, eating healthy food, practicing English every day or whatever.  Despite our enthusiasm early January, our will and motivation wanes rather quickly. We have too much to do, get sick,  have urgent project to finish etc. etc.  I think it is quite natural that we encounter these difficulties.  What is important is to keep on doing.  If you cannot do a day or two, because of various reasons, that is OK.  After few days, we start again. It is not good to set easy goal (i.e. no stretch goal), but at the same time, you set yourself up to fail if you set up too unrealistic a goal.  What we need is to  continue.  Would you join us in our endeavor?

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