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I would like to share the video of interview with Shohei Takeda who is based in Fukuoka.  He is the participant of the first GAS in 2010 . Those who joined this year were without clear idea of what to expect AND thus had some surprises once the seminar series (which lasted 10 months!) started.  Despite the initial surprises, he stayed and now he is getting closer to realize what he began thinking during the seminar series.

His interest is to promote Fukuoka/Kyushu much broader than present so that the beauty and excitement of the city is better known to the world.

I happened to give online seminar at Regional Policy Design seminar organized by University of Kyushu, right after I interviewed Shohei and the experience of talking with Shohei helped me greatly during the seminar.

His love for Fukuoka (he is from Kyushu) and his wish to make it known to much broader world is very exciting.

As I have been to Fukuoka many times since several years ago and have special feeling for Fukuoka, I hope his plan to place  Fukuoka in the world map will excite many more people to join this initiative.) Here is the video (some 22 minutes). You can also watch Japanese version through my blog entry in Japanese.

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