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 I have been doing GAS talk series in the past few months, featuring some past participants of Global Agenda Seminar series.  This time, (# 10 of the series) I interviewed Kuniaki Yanagi, who participated in the GAS 2012.  He started Japanese sweets business in India in 2011 and now his shop is more expanded to cover bread and other food items.  In this video, he discussed difficulties he encountered in startup in India.  I can only imagine how tough it must have been.  He responded, however, to my question of “If you could do it all over again, would you still start business in India?” definite “Yes!.”

From this response, you can tell the challenge and excitement of starting up business on your own overseas.

I edited out some comments of his when he talked in Japanese as he could not explain in English and also tried to explain myself.  It is quite long (over 30 minutes) and not quite smooth in transition etc., but you can get the general sense of his experience.  If you can understand Japanese, you might want to watch video in Japanese through my blog entry. 

Here is the video.

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