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The video of interview #9 of Global Agenda Seminar Talk series is now ready.  Our guest is Haruka Sakamoto, MD, and participant of GAS 2012.  She pursued her career of making the better world as healthcare professional in the field of  public/global health.  She was very inspired by the stories of Mother Teresa and Dr.Albert Schweitzer while at grade school,  and decided to do something for the marginalized people in the developing countries.  Her focus was on health and after receiving the degree at Medical school and spending two years in Iran, accompanying her husband who was transferred to Iran, she went to Harvard School of  Public Health for Masters degree.

She shared her experience of doing NPO type of work in Japan as well as in Iran, and now working at the university in Tokyo.

I found variety of new information regarding the necessary knowledge/skills to work in the public health field (you need not medical degree!) as well as the status of international collaboration in the area of global health, She is particularly interested in the area of public/global health for the marginalized population.

Her responses to my questions, “If you could do it all over again, what would you do?” “What are the two things you want happen today.” are very  encouraging.

The video is  almost 30 minutes, but I believe you will find her talk  inspiring.  I am now thinking about some ideas how we could make a step forward to making global health accessible and appropriate for everybody in the world.  As we are now facing the Covid-19, this talk is very relevant,  Please enjoy the video.

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