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 It has been a while since I post GAS Talk series #10, but we have new talk with Saeko Arai now.  She started her career with CPA and went on to variety of different jobs and many different kinds of companies.  She spent total of 8 years in New York (around the time that 9/11 took place)l  She has also been involved with IT start ups and currently serves as outside board member of three major companies.

She participated in the first year of GAS 2010 and since then, has done so many interesting things most of which I had no idea.  She also teaches at the university.

You might wonder how she has been able to land in so many different and interesting assignment,  She explains is during the interview.  She also has exciting idea for the future.

I think those of you who are interested pursuing variety of jobs at variety of organizations-start up seeking IPO, start up going global and big corporations AND multiple industries. her interview will give you many tips.  Enjoy!  You can see her life from different perspectives in featured photo. (She sings professionally!)

(I will post the Japanese version of interview in which she talks about additional subjects on my blog in Japanese tomorrow. So stay tuned.)

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