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On Monday, May 18, I interviewed Yuji Honda, one of the past participants of Global Agenda Seminar.  He was the participants in 2012, when we had three 3-month seminar series with special topic.  His interest was to work in the global space and wanted to be involved with Rugby World Cup.  His dream came true last year when we had World Cup in Japan.  In this video, he talks about how he managed to get assignment to work for World Cup and his experience for several years. (He started working for it since 2012, I hear.)  I

I am sure many of you remember the excitement of the World Cup last year and  it is very exciting to relive these exciting moments again.  You can tell from the photo how extraordinary that experience must have been. (More so as we are now restricted in our activities in the wake of Covid-19. )

Let us hear his story  of directly being involved.  Video is about 14 minutes or so.  Enjoy.

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