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 Here is the new GAS Talk with Neo Morohashi. I was able to interview him one of the participants of the first Global Agenda Seminar series in 2010 about a week ago.  It took a while for me to edit the video but now it is ready for your view.  This is the English version and I will post Japanese version tomorrow on my Japanese blog.

The interview itself was very interesting as Neo san has had very interesting and unique career-starting as scientists in the 20s and then going on to consulting, followed by starting own consulting company on HR with friends.  He spent a few years in Belgium as his wife was transferred there.  I think this arrangement is often found overseas (spouse will follow wherever partner is transferred) but not that often in Japan, I assume.  I believe his interest in many different fields and relaxed and casual lifestyle (I believe he is confident that he can make it anywhere) is quite unique.

Recently I advocate the idea of developing skills and mentality that you can survive and make it anywhere in the world at the seminar/workshop I give.   It is obvious that he has confidence in himself.  I also thought it is wonderful that he is always exploring and taking action to go into the new field.  (You can find out from the interview what he is now up to.)

Young people (at heart included) could learn many things from how he has pursued his career and life style.   The talk is some 24 minutes or so.  Enjoy!

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