In the past several weeks, I have interviewed past participants of Global Agenda Seminar series held from 2010 to 2019 at Roppongi Academy Hills. I started this talk series as the GAS in the fixed form is discontinued,  but I wanted to make the best of network of some 300 people with high aspirations. For the firth of the series, I interviewed Yuko Kimura, one of the participants of the first GAS in 2010.  She shares why she applied for GAS, what kind of benefit she has found from GAS, etc.

Every time I interview them, I have new findings about their career, talent., interest etc.  This one is no exception.

As I met her in New York several times, I had some idea about her career, interest, and aspirations.  As I hear details of her story directly from her, I find her positive attitude to life, initiatives and action orientation very inspiring.. Her story about her jazz performance in New York  is very interesting (I had known her music career, but it was the first time for me to hear about the competition in Lithuania.).  Toward the end of the video, she explains  how she maintains high energy level!  Many of you will find her talk inspiring and encouraging,  Video is about 13 minutes or so.  Enjoy!