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Here is the video of the GAS Talk #15 with Akira Ueno.  He was not only the participant of the first Global Agenda Seminar in 2010, but also a major support person for Davos Experience in Tokyo series by participating many times AND one of the major members of the support team of SINCA series now underway.   I met with him and his wife in New York (at another GAS alumni apartment) for get-together when we happened to be in New York at the same time.(See photo on the left)

As for his career, he started in 1989 when Japan was right in the bubble economy when any college graduates get some 10 offers as it was seller’s market (it almost seemed a century ago!) and has moved from one company to another severn times.

In Part1 of the video (20 min.) he discussed his experience with Hitachi Chemical, Exxon Mobil, time in New Zealand, as well as consulting career and its impact (or rather damage to his health).  He started thinking seriously about what he should and could do for his career.  (There are many lessons for all of us.)  After some job changes, he is now a country head of one of the global companies.

This talk consists of two parts-Part 1 following his early career to the present time with some benefits of his GAS experience. and  Part 2 (some 17 minutes) where he talks about his future plans, how he sees Covid-19, Japanese business practices.  He has very good suggestions for those interested in global career. Enjoy!

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