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Here is the GAS Talk I did on Monday with Mie Tankai, one of the participants of the first Global Agenda Seminar in 2010.  She is now in San Diego with her husband and baby boy. She joined GAS for several reasons (which she talks about during the interview) and since then has pursued her new career. Her father’s illness exposed her to the status of healthcare in Japan and her wish for career change led her to some schools in UK as well as in Seattle.  I was very impressed with her action orientation as she went to UK to check some schools and seminars.  She ended up at Seattle, Bastyr college where she enrolled for the naturopathic medicine advanced degree.  As her undergraduate major had nothing to do with science, she studied while in Japan AND spent 1.5 years to take pre-requisite courses. before she started the advanced degree.

Her talk about this field and her own experience is very interesting itself, but what I want people interested in new career  and activities in the global space is what she talked about in the last 5 minutes of the video. We talked about her life in the US (she has spent 8 years in the US by now), how she sees the changes taking place there as well as how she sees Japan from outside.  These views are very insightful as well.  In the last five minutes, she made some specific suggestions for people to pursue new career and/or to get exposed to what is taking place in the world real time.

I am very moved by her perseverance, passion to pursue her purpose in life AND very inspired by her sparking eyes.  I am also grateful that I have been given the opportunity to start GAS series with the help of Academy Hills staff and other people.   GAS network is such a wonderful group of people that I regard the network as one of my most valuable assets and gifts.  Here is the video. Enjoy! (Be sure to watch until the end.  It is some 30 minutes.)

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