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This evening, some 20 alumni of Global Agenda Seminar series we began in 2010 got together to discuss next steps for GAS. As I identified several issues from the GAS 2017 AND it has been 8 years since we began this series, I asked GAS alumni group to help me with their feedback and some ideas.
Alumni from the first GAS in 2010 to the last one in 2017 came. I explained why I would like to have their ideas and thanked them to come on their own. As we had some snack and drinks (no alcohol!) to keep us going, many made suggestions.
It was interesting to hear them talk, as the GAS itself has evolved considerably since we began with 50 people in 2010 over 10 months and people naturally made suggestions based upon their own experience of GAS.
I am grateful that many came at my request and will incorporate ideas presented to our plan of not only GAS, but also Davos Experience in Tokyo series I run every month and other ideas I want to try this year. As people began feeling relaxed and  as the discussion was casual and informal, it almost looked like Reunion. It was fun and very helpful for me. Wonderful ad-hoc semi Reunion of GAS! You can tell from the group photo.  (I learned how to take photo with iPhone with timer, but without tripod!)

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