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This afternoon, we hosted reunion for the past participants of Global Agenda Seminar series. Every year, staff at Academy Hills organize this type of reunion, which gives a good opportunity to maintain network of alumni.  This time, we invited non-Japanese people, not participants of the seminar, to join our discussion.

After my welcome remarks, we had breakout discussion on the topic “What is the most strange/odd things about Japan?” We specifically asked to decide on discussion leader and reporter of the group.  We also asked specifically how we want each group to report back, i.e. What and Why within 2 minutes.

Judging from the results, our communication seems to have broken somewhat as fI had trouble getting  “What” and “Why” from several groups.  I explained what I had expected (whenever we do breakout sessions, I follow similar procedures.) few times.

After each group’s report back, we had general discussion. I made some comments based upon the books/reports I have read recently and remarks I have heard.  It was my impression that people seem to have difficulty keeping the momentum of seminar takeaways and network, probably because they are busy at work.

The session was followed by get-together with drinks and snack.  I talked with several people there.  I am grateful to those who came on Saturday (there were many families and couples at Roppongi Hills enjoying weekend.) and Academy Hills staff who organized the session.   Our new series will start in June and we will start recruiting. So stay tuned.

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