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This afternoon (January 29), we hosted the Reunion for Global Agenda Seminar community. This is the community of the past participants of the seminar series held at Roppongi Academy Hills since 2010. Topic this time was how we can make our work and life more effective, efficient & FUN by using simple technology. (which is the topic I personally have been very interested!)
I welcomed the participants and briefly touched upon how I see the “unthinkables” taking place in the world today.
Then Mr. Tatsuo Yoshiwara and his team showed us how we can use technology such as Google photo, you tube, and Google Hangout to collaborate any time anywhere. To practice what we have just learned, 7 teams were formed to prepare 1) PR video for Global Agenda Seminar series 2017 and onwards and 2) for Davos Experience in Tokyo series, by using photo and video shot there.
As always, it took longer than we had planned (as members got engaged in the task, they got more and more into it!). After three extensions?, we asked each team to share their output. We voted at the end and one team, Six Evangelists won by most votes (40%!)
I value this community very much as they are very motivated and dedicated group of people willing to take up on challenge. They are fun to work with, too. During the get-together that followed, I heard some more interesting ideas for this group. I hope participants had as much fun as I did.
I prepared a short video clip using iMovie which I learned few months ago from 14-year old Canadian girl, while teams were working. Here it is.

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