gasreu2Yesterday afternoon, we held Reunion for the Global Agenda Seminar alumni.  We began the series in 2010 and thus have some 150 in our GAS alumni network.  We want to keep the network alive, so we hold Reunion every year.

I began the session by reflecting how we began and how GAS series has evolved.  Then we asked each class (there are three-classes of 2010, 2012 and 2013 reflecting the year of the series) to introduce their own class to others.  It was like a cold call!

Then Miwa Seki, member of the board of Asian University for Women made a presentation.  After her presentation, the participants joined one of  the four groups to brainstorm issues/challenges raised by Miwa san for AUW.  Items for brainstorming included non-monetary support, recruiting of more sponsors and career opportunities for graduates etc.

gasreuAfter about 30 minutes, each group reported back to the whole group about their ideas.  With Miwa san’s comment at the end, we closed official part of  GAS Reunion 2014 and moved on to the reception next door.

I was very happy to have Mr. Yamagishi of WWF, one of the guest speakers from the series in 2010 join us for the whole session. He said that the year 2015 will be a significant year for the issues for WWF.

Reception was fun as we  found out more about what alumni were doing now-some start up, some implementing the idea developed at GAS series, and some changing  job etc.   I ended up making remarks probably several times during the course of the afternoon, both in English and in Japanese,  explaining what I have been up to and my plan starting in April, this year.

I feel that this initiative has opened up a “strategic window” for me to the young generation and the future of the world, as it has provided me with the opportunity to think about global agenda,  explore what we could do about it and what kind of future we want to create.  I am the one that has received so much benefit from this initiative.

Global Agenda Seminar 2014 will start in June, and our PR activities will start in a few months.  So join us if you want to be a part of the group of  those who are willing to invest  time & money! to develop their own capabilities AND to collaborate to make the world better place!