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Today, June 29, is the first day of Global Agenda Seminar series 2014. Dr. Kiyoshi Kurokawa will join us for the first session, sharing his view of the world and his expectations. He has been a great supporter since we started and we are grateful for his contribution-always inspiring, sometimes too provocative!

We will then do ice-breaking and self introduction by the participants.

As we want participants to get a feel for the sessions, we will do mini-discussion and I will facilitate.

Global Agenda Seminar series began in 2010 and we have had active alumni network. Quite a few people have changed their jobs (not necessarily as the result of the seminar series, but their perspective may have changed), some joined the start-up, and others went overseas (mainly new emerging markets).

This is a great asset I personally value so much, as spending six months together, thinking about global agenda, sharing ideas and developing solutions is what all of us need today. World is your oyster!, as they say.

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