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One of the members of the GAS 2013 uploaded more pictures of the GAS 2013 get-together held on Saturday.  You can tell how much fun we have had by looking at them.

I realize some people see English communication a big hurdle and shy away from the opportunity.  But language is the tool with which you can do many things.  As long as we position it as a tool (like hammer, knife, scissors etc.), I think we can see its role (we can cut many things much easily with knife and scissors, for example.  Think how difficult it would be if we have no tool to cut things with!) and the value (if we do not have a hammer, how do we put the nail so that we can hang pictures etc?).

GASall2GASlme8 Language is one of the tools and thus the more often you use, the better you will be.  Join us for the GAS 2014(now plan underway) and/or Davos Experience in Tokyo series (held every month) if you want to be good at tools, to have opportunities to express your views! and get to know people with same goal.

I post some of my own photo with the presents from the participants.  I value the photo book so much as we can tell how participants have grown in the six months.  Our sales pitch for GAS 2013 was “Be a global leader in 180 days”!  Participants can testify whether it was true or not.  Check them out.    I as well as the Roppongi Academy Hills staff who have made it happen will be looking forward to welcoming you in GAS 2014!

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