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   Recently, I have had several experiences of realizing the gap between my self perception and the perception others have of me. The first occasion was when  I gave a speech at alumni meetings. I was very surprised to hear that the organizers had not contacted me as they had thought I was such a VIP! with busy schedule and would not come to talk at the alumni meeting.   (In fact, I would do whatever I can do for the school I graduated from or am involved in and the scheduling is the only issue.)

  I also heard from one of my students at ICS that she had been so scared of me and could not talk with me.  (This is what I found during the one-on-one meeting with her for the Competitiveness course.) I was so glad that she told me that as I had never realized how scary I had been!

   Then I was described as such a “frightening” person by the student teams during the ICS cabaret. (This is what I had heard, as I happened not be there when they did it!)

   I felt that I really have not changed since the college (or even highschool) days; maybe this is stretching a bit too much!) in my spirit, but obviously people perceive me as a “professor” at ICS with some experience in consulting/government work, etc. etc.  I am partially responsible for the scary/frightening image, as I came across as such during the early encounters with the students at ICS.  I also realize how much of age difference there is between my students at business school and myself!  (I am getting one year younger every year, but that is what I think, and others think that I get older every year!)

  This was such a good lesson that I realize that I have to be more careful not to come across as too scary, too frightening, and too busy.  In fact, I feel quite embarassed when I am treated like VIP except when they upgrade me to the first class when I fly to far away places like New York or London!   (I do not visualize myself in hired black sedan when I think of my own image.  I see myself more like running up stairs, trying to catch a subway!) 

  It is sometimes amazing how different self- perception (sometimes wishful thinking) and others’ perception could be!

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    • Joanne Garcia
    • August 28th, 2009

    Hi Yoko!Really amused by this..
    Well,you look quite intimidating but not scary or frightening to that effect, it’s just that you exude an aura full of confidence and self-esteem that you barely see in Japanese women. If they would only knew the real “YOU”,they would laugh with me.The very down-to-earth Yoko who loves to roller-blade and eat yogurt with prune extract….and jell-o,too!Hahaha!
    Nice blog!Like it!

    • yishikura
    • August 30th, 2009

    Hi, Joanne, thanks for your comment. You know the real “ME”, I may be in trouble! Nice to hear from you!

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