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 Game No. 6 of Shogi Oui sen title match began this morning. So far, defending Oui, Akihito Hirose won 3 games against 2 by challenger Yoshiharu Habu.  The game is being held at Jinya in Hatano City.  Jinya has been well known for various big title matches of Shogi. 

 This title match began with two straight wins by A.Hirose, followed by two straight wins by Y. Habu.  A. Hirose won the game No. 5, which  ended relatively early in the afternoon of the second day.

  Today’s game ended with Fuji TE by Y.Habu who used up close to 5 hours against about 3 hours by A.Hirose.  The difference is quite large and I wonder what it tells us.  The game will resume tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m.   If A. Hirose wins, he will defend the title for the first time and if Y. Habu wins, we will go on to Game No. 7.    Many people will be watching the game tomorrow which is covered by bloggers etc.

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