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 Starting today, June 7, Game No. 6 of Shogi Meijin sen title match is held in Tendo city, Yamagata prefecture.  City of Tendo is well known for their Shogi festival (I believe) heled in the summer and many major title match has been held.

  So far in this series, challenger Toshiyuki Moriuchi won three games in a row, and defending Meijin Yoshiharu Habu won the last two to make it 2-3 for Habu.  Whether Habu wins the game No. 6 to make it a tie in 7 game series or Moriuchi captures the titile back will be decided by late tomorrow night.

  When almost everything outside moves so quickly, the game of Shogi seems to move at different pace.  Each game of the title match is held for two days,  and sometimes, one player thinks for over an hour for one move. 

  It seems to demonstrate the need for concentration and the depth of thinking required for Shogi at the top level. It also seems to reflect almost the infinite possibility of the game.

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