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Today is the second day of the game No. 3 of Shogi Meijinsen title match. A. Sato is defending his Meijin title against Ryuoh Y. Habu. So far they are tied at 1-1.
As this is the series which can go on until the seventh game and each game is two full days, it is one of the toughest. I do not think we will find out the result of game No. 3 until late tonight.

Well I was wrong. The game No. 3 is over and challenger Habu won the game No. 3.  Now he is 2-1. I believe so far the  SENTE player has won each game.  I her that SENTE is at advantage, and it was supposed to be more so a while ago.  Now it is not necessarily so.  I wonder whether it is because the data base is so well established and available now and more people have access to them.  Technology has done interesting things to Shogi, and is expected to do so even more in the future.

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