The third and final day of Summit on the Global Agenda began with the Work Studio session entitled Social Media Strategies.  I like Work Studio sessions where we all participate (standing) to brainstorm in small groups.  One of the other parallel sessions was on Education, but I decided to go to the Social Media Strategies session, as I am very interested in the effective use of it and also for the launch of our Education & Skills report.

It was one of the “best practice” sessions (which I did not know) where council members share their stories and best practices in navigating the leveraging the social media platforms.  After we heard the short remarks by discussion leaders, we broke out into five groups and brainstormed. I joined the group on crowd sourcing where I learned many tips and frameworks.  Some helpful tips were importance of prototyping, niche audience, time boxing and linking with the real event.  2×2 framework on create vs. advertise on one and invest vs. inject on the other was helpful.

Then I met with my own council members and discussed the action plan for the launch of our report.  I feel that our council has been working hard and coming to some very tangible deliverable.  We end up with assignment to do in the next few weeks, but I find the council work very exciting and inspiring.  In addition to the launch of the whole report, we will be planning many specific events and activities on the country/issue level.

The official program of the Summit ended with the Plenary panel.  This was the only plenary I attended at this Summit (we were late for the Opening plenary and we were busy working on our own council work for the other ones!) .  It was a good overview of the summit as a whole.  You can watch all of the plenary sessions on Forum’s website.

During lunch I talked with one of the discussion leaders of the Hyper-connected world session and on my way to the airport, I had a chance to talk with the lady from Bahrain working on human rights using social media platform.  It is this type of direct encounters and casual, but interesting conversations you can have with a variety of experts  that makes the Summit exciting and inspiring place.  I am very fortunate to be given this opportunity to be there.