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On Monday, when typhoon was just about to hit us, G1 Global 2013 was held in Kojimachi, Tokyo.  The title this year was A Stronger Japan:Impact on Asia and the World.

It was the second time for me to participate in this event. Last year, the first G1 Global was held and  I moderated the panel on TPP.  I participated the the whole day as I was interested in the initiative and was impressed with the quality of discussion and interaction.

Unfortunately, this year, my schedule was too hectic with overseas business trip, another seminar I hosted the day before and my family medical emergency.  I ended up just moderating the panel entitled ASEAN and India-Making the most of business opportunities.   I plan to watch archive of the sessions, but not so far.  You can watch the video to find out what kind of discussion took place.  I will report on my panel when the video becomes available.

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