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 I often wonder why such major event as Covidf-19 has not created the opportunity to depart conventional way of doing things and to start designing the new society from zero. As I come across with people (in 50s and over?) who believe they can go back to normal(i.e. “good old days” after Covid-19, I am so disappointed as they do not seem to be ready to let it go.,  The young generation  should be given the authority and responsibility to design how they want to live in the future.

As I think of it,  I asked the same question right after the big earthquake in 2011 i.e. why we do NOT let those who live in the area in the future to take over and design the future of the area. when I found out that committees for recovery /reconstruction consists of well known-i.e.older people). The answer  received at the big conference w policy makers etc. was quite vague.

It is much easier for me to say it aloud as I am one of the baby boomer generation. i.e. I am advocating that our generation should surrender our fort and deliver it to the youth.  Covid 19 can be such a great opportunity for older generation to depart from their “old normal” so that the youth who will have life ahead of them to be empowered to design their society.

My message is “Move over, baby boomer generation and those in 50s +, and forget about “going back to normal”  “Find something new that you have not tried before. Life is too short.”  “Let new era begin by delivering the opportunity for the youth to apply their creativity and imagination to full.”

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