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Yesterday (Friday, Feb. 14), I went to Mori Art Museum to see Future and the Arts exhibition.  It has been on since November last year and I finally had some time to do so.  (I had an interview at Academy Hills, and figured that it would be the best time to see it before it ends.)  It was quite extraordinary as it covers so many different aspects of Future and the Arts.  I really liked the cities of the future.  Questions raised include immortality of humanity, the role of AI etc.  I was overwhelmed by the scale and scope in some sections and felt that I may need to come back when I am full of energy (It was Friday and after tough interview, which left some energy, but not full to me.)

Overall question of what technology will do to various aspects of our lives is so intriguing-sometimes scary and other times so exciting… I feel that we are stepping into the world we know very little.

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