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The year 2019 began with the special Osechi lunch with Dad at my apartment. I invited him to celebrate New Year’s Day at my place, making it the small scale family event.

I left Tokyo on Jan.3 for NYC still full of holiday spirits (unlike Tokyo where everything is quiet) to see my stepson & family, though I did not get to see stepdaughter in Baltimore and stepson Upstate New York.

My other fun overseas trips in 2019 include a few days in Big Island, Hawaii, and the first visit to Bahia, Brazil in April.  I was invited to make a keynote speech at IT Forum(again in August for the bigger event at the same venue.) Venue in Bahia is a beautiful resort, an hour drive from Salvador.  I spent over 24 hours on flight (Tokyo-Washington DC-Sao Paulo-Salvador!) to get there. Many interesting presentations and panels I encountered.

On my way from Sao Paulo, I stopped over in NYC to see my stepson & family who celebrated my big birthday with indoor sky diving!

I was scheduled to give a talk in Estonia for the first time in May, but my tight schedule with flight availability did not quite work and I had to decline at the last minute (causing inconveniences to the organizers with my big apologies).  Right after I declined, I ran into the glass door to break my nose. No serious damage to my nose or my head, despite it happened during the 10-day holidays with no hospitals open.

July and August were my getaway to Whistler, British Columbia, as in the past two decades. I enjoyed great weather (no forest fire this summer) and time with friends.  The second trip to Brazil was from Vancouver in August, much easier than that from Tokyo.  With the help of friends, I spent several great days in Sao Paulo.

I went back to NYC in September to enjoy concerts and theater, in addition to fun brunch with my family.

Last three months of 2019 brought me to Nice, Monaco for Innovative City Forum and Day One event where my friend organized.  It was a good opportunity to meet with some old friends and new friends.  Monte Carlo was beautiful with great view of sun rise over Mediterranean and tomatoes. November was the month for the trip for the book to Tel Aviv.

I bought world map to find where Israel is! It was interesting and inspiring trip, full of meeting with interesting people.

I went back to NYC in December to enjoy holiday spirit. It was cold and gusty (what else to expect for New York in December?), but this city always makes me feel refreshed and re-energized.

2019 was the year I spent considerable time with my 98 year old Dad in Tokyo and grand kids who are teenagers (they may be quite similar after all!) and many friends in different parts of the world.  It was fun!  I hope the year 2020 will be good and fun year…

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