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IMG_7126 (1) On Sunday, September 20, I went to see the musical “Fun Home” at the Circle  in the Square of Broadway.  The show won this year’s Tony for Best Musical and I was very much looking forward to it.  I had heard that it is about gay and lesbian and rather complicated family situation, unlike typical American musical with happy ending such as “American in Paris” I saw the other day. (also won several Tony.)

The story and the production of the show is both quite complex, but well put together.  I also liked the theater (I believe I have been at this theater before for other show) which fits the story and production well.  I also thought that the timing of this show is very good as the topic of LGBT etc. has been hot throughout the world today.  (In fact, we discussed the “inclusive society” at our session #29 of Davos Experience in Tokyo series in early September.

As the show leaves several things to think and reflect (unlike the happy ending which makes you feel happy after the show), it is in fact a “new kind of musical”.  I do like the diversity found and appreciated at different scenes in New York, from An American in Paris to Fun Home.  I believe it is the reason I feel relaxed in New York.


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