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 On Feb. 19, I had wonderful dinner with people from IBM who have helped us at KMD business strategy class over the past several years.  More on  how IBM has supported my course “Business Strategy in the era of discontinuous change.” Since 2013, IBM has supported me with sessions at KMD AND involvement and feedback to students group projects.  The topics evolved from global strategy/social activities of the company where we heard about IBM CSC among others, IoT, Watson, Block Chain and IBM Design thinking workshop.  They have been very responsive to my sometimes crazy request and have provided students & me with most updated info. about technology.  Their sessions on CSC etc. has benefited us very much as they shared their own experience of participating in the projects.  They were very generous as they participated in the students presentations and gave us very encouraging comments.

As I no longer teach at KMD, I wanted to thank all that have helped us with fun dinner.  Altogether ten people (including me) got together to have relaxing Monday evening.  As IBM is a huge company, some met for the first time, and we heard interesting stories. I found some of them “making something with their hands-whether it is pottery or making fly for fly fishing-as they deal with information/technology etc.” very interesting.  (I am now trying to find something I can make with my hands!)

Total consumption of alcohol for the evening? I asked them to bring champagne to celebrate, wine etc. drinks & sweets and it looked we might have one bottle each for each one of us, but we consumed total of four bottles!   It was fun evening.  Thank YOU so much for your help and support AND for coming.

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