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I had a wonderful day with the YPO group who are here for the Inside Tokyo 2019 program.  I had an honor of joining the panel entitled “Doing business in Japan” with three other business executives.   Miki, my friend, moderated the session and I enjoyed the session very much.  Before the panel, I attended the session (from 7:30 a.m.!) entitled “Role of Media” where Peter Landers, Tokyo Bureau Chief of Wall Street Journal.  Role of Media has been interesting topic in particular now, as many things are taking place in Japan and I sometimes receive inquiry for interview on the “hot” topics in Japan such as governance issues of major corporations, beginning of new era etc.  So I wanted to hear his perspectives. In fact, at SINCA session  in January, we discussed this topic, too. YPO group was very lively (even early in the morning on the third -last day= in Tokyo after two busy days and many late night sessions.

I felt it has been a while since I had this type of free discussion in friendly and informal atmosphere.  I am grateful to those who arranged such interesting activities and, in particular, Miki who invited me to join the panel and other members of the panel as well as the members of YPO group I had a chance to talk

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