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 I was invited to the BBQ by my friends who live quite close to my place today.  It was a lovely day, perfect for BBQ.  I thought I know the way to get there, but as always I was lost and arrived a bit later than everybody else.  It was nice to see some people I met before, and some new friends.  Plenty of food – appetizer & two different types of salad, and BBQ…. (I forgot to take a photo there. They have a very nice place to entertain guests?)

I was overwhelmed by the pace and quantity of alcohol they consumed (I believe there were some 10 of us?). BBQ was fantastic as it has been quite a while. Though it began as a beautiful sunny and warm day, the thunderstorm struck and rain started..

Around 3 pm, we moved to the apartment on the 7th floor.  More alcohol and more food!  The apartment has a very nice view and lovely flowers on the patio. (I am allergic to cats, but they did not show up, so I was OK.)

I left little after 4 pm as I had to work on my speech.  (I am still not quite clear as to how I can include slides etc. I will work on them tomorrow, too.)

As I started walking back to my place (it turned out their apartment complex is very close to Komazawa park where I sometime jog.)  I ran into the glass door (to be exact the part that did not open).  I am not sure how it happened (Probably I was distracted by my speech and video?) but I hit my face quite hard against the glass door. (I thought it would open, so I ran right into it when it did not open!)  My nose was bleeding very bad and I had to rush to the restroom nearby to get some more paper to stop bleeding.

I walked back to my apartment and checked whether my nose was broken.  I also searched the symptoms etc. of broken nose.  It is not clear whether my nose is broken or not.  Judging from how it looks and hurts if broken, I am hoping that it is OK. My forehead I hit quite hard looks swollen and I may have bruise tomorrow.I iced my nose and my forehead for a while.   I will see how I feel and look tomorrow.

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