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This week has been full of a variety of cultural activities. On Wednesday, I went to Ichikawa for M. Takahashi’s concert.  As I bought ticket online, it was the second floor. (I usually reserve well in advance and rarely sit on the second floor.)  View from the second floor is different and great to see the whole picture of the setting and fabulous lighting. (I am always very impressed with setting & lighting, and to appreciate it fully, the second floor is very good.)

 Today, I went to try VR version?  of Paris by the Chain Smokers at Sony Square Shibuya Project.  After I tried Rez Infinite VR the other day, I look for  opportunities to try VR.   I happened to find this project and signed up.   It was fabulous.

After VR, I went to Kabuki at Kabukiza theater.  It has been a while since I saw Kabuki and enjoyed it very much. However, I had to leave after the first piece (the whole thing takes four hours!) as I had planned to go to 120th anniversary of the Japan Times.

I saw some friends at the reception.  It is quite remarkable that the newspaper has 120-year history when the world undergoes so much transformation. (In fact, I had the honour to write the piece for their Anniversary issue.)

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