Today, Dec. 6 has been a day with diverse activities. The day began with weekly Aikido class and I am still struggling with the practice with partner.  (I practice Suburi on my own every evening and am learning slowly, but steadily, and yet, I can only focus on few things when I do it with partner and forget other items.)  I was quite SORE when I came back home after the class.

Online Idobata was another weekly item for Sunday.  9 of us joined today and we share our recent activities including Hato bus tour and making of Christmas wreath via zoom.  We also talked about how we try to stay healthy and it was interesting to find out we try variety of workout/sports such as class at Curves fitness club, swimming and golf.

I then had facetime meeting related to business and then went to Concert by Shamisen entitled “Return to Folk songs-Ocean far away”.  I was invited to this concert by H. Honjo whom I heard performance a while ago.  It was the first time I went to this type of concert and found series of folk songs in different parts of Japan very interesting. (In fact, I found some similarities with the music I heard in New York and other places.)

I also found very interesting that artists with flute, cello and percussion joined Honjo san and his group.