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Today is September 11, significant day for the US,and in particular, New York City. I visited former Ground Zero (9/11Memorial) 2.5 years ago, and tempted to go to the event today, but decided to watch on TV. (I had registered for Webinar from 9:00 am, too.)

I had quite a few things to do- such as responding to the inquiries etc.  I also went to see my stepson’s family and had dinner.  It was nice to see them after 4 months.  Kids are growing so fast and so is a dog. (I hear she is over weight.)  After early dinner, I went to the Film Concert at Lincoln Center as in the past.  Tonight was “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” and it was fabulous to see the movie on big screen with the NY philharmonic playing.

I also went to see the play Betrayal (I hear it was well received in London and now shown at Broadway.)  It was a good play, very nicely done.  It starts from present and go back in time, which I thought was very interesting.

I also had some shopping done –bathroom set as mine at home are worn out, flavored coffee, among other things.

It was summer day (high 80sF), not as bad as these few days in Tokyo.  Starting tomorrow, it will be cooler, I hear.  Day 2 in NYC was full of NYC like activities.

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