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View from room IMG_8970I came back home late last night after 5 days in sunny and comfortable (in weather) and inspiring/exciting (in substance) days in Dubai.
This morning I came to Amagi in Shizuoka to do a seminar (and participate in board meeting in Tokyo via telephone.)
The super express Odoriko of Izukyu line was full with people (of baby boomer age) having fun with beer and getting ready for the weekend in Izu.
I was busy preparing for the talk and reviewing materials for the board meeting.
I was quite happy to see the ocean near Ito(I love ocean), but when we came up Mt. Amagi to the venue, it is all covered with snow! Both (beach in Dubai and snow in Amagi) are lovely in their own ways, AND they transcend seasons! (I talk about disappearing boundaries, and this could be one of them?)
Now that I am finished with the talk and board meeting, I can enjoy snow and hot-spa! (not to mention the conversion with participants.)

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