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We were very happy that summer has finally arrived in Whistler.  On Saturday, July 14, it was 37C in allat dublihn4Pemberton, about 30 km away from Whistler.   It was above 30 C in Whistler, too. (Photo on the left gives an idea how hot it was.)

yinredjacketwmtn7This morning, the whole scene changed.  Clouds are all over and it began raining.  It was much cooler at 15C  in the afternoon.  People who  were in T shirts & shorts now wear fleece and warm jackets. (Photo on the right of me shows I wear fleece AND jacket today!)  This is nothing unusual in British Columbia, as far as I know. Every year except maybe one or two summers,  the weather changes drastically in a day or two.  I heard that people built fire in the first week of July, as it was so cold!

skicrowdJPGSki season continues until the first week of August and I often see the people with ski or snowboard gear walking by.  This morning at the Blackomb mountain, I saw a group of young people with ski gear(photo on the left) , ready to go up to the top of the mountains.

My friends who went up to the mountains yesterday (those in photo above) told me that there was much snow there that it was tough to hike with sandals!  We will see whether we will get back summer days again this coming week or will need to turn on the heater!

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