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Finally, I am at Shanghai airport lounge, waiting for the flight to Haneda.  I had good time at Summer Davos in Tianjin, particularly on the final day as I regained my energy to interact with people in casual, informal style.  The only thing I wish I had done is to take a photo with Masaki Takao, one of the panelists at SINCA launch day on September 29.  We managed to meet briefly but  no photo!

Overall, Summer Davos, like any other conference of this type,  was quite exhausting (though inspiring and exciting) as I was trying to do so many other things as well. It included working on my original site with the help of my personal mentor(I still have quite a along way to go), and get the domain name for our new SINCA website, while no google connection was possible.  I managed to use safari to make my blog entry, but I am not able to post photo from my iPhone.

I went swimming yesterday afternoon after the closing reception of Summer Davos, and walked around the hotel (Tianjin has many greens) just to get some physical activity. (You simply do not do any physical activity at these conferences! and I was getting frustrated.)  In fact, I went to the Hub session entitled “Exercise as medicine” which I found very interesting at Summer Davos.

After I had light supper at the Club room of the hotel, I went right to sleep around 9 pm last night and slept util 4 am!  I believe I have regained my energy back, getting over jet lag etc. etc.  Though it is quite physically tiring to travel (with long security lines) and to attend the conference, it is intellectually very stimulating and inspiring.    It is these experiences I want many people to have, and that is why I am starting SINCA.  I will share these experiences of mine, in addition to ask panelists to share their experiences on September 29.  So join us and see how you can see the exciting world today!


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