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   I came to Seoul on Wednesday to attend the World Economic Forum on East Asia.  (You can see photos etc. on their website.) This is a two-day forum with some 400 participants.  I attended the last one in Kuala Lumpur last June and have been very much looking forward to the one in Seoul. 

   Four sub-themes for this Form are 1) Leadership in Turbulent Times 2) Global Risks 3 )Sustainable and Green Growth and 4) Future Competitiveness.  The morning plenary sessions on the first day covered two major and inter-related topics of Asia/Global Redesign and East Asia@Risk. We had a series of parallel sessions in the afternoon.  I moderated one of the sessions entitled “The Asian Consumer: A Sustainability Champion in the Making?” 

  This morning, I will moderate the breakfast session for the Global Growth Companies with two co-chairs of the Form on East Asia. 

  The sessions have been informative, interesting and sometimes, quite overwhelming.  It feels that the conference has been going on for a week, rather than 1.5 day!  More to come.

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