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 How many photos do you think we take by smartphone and post on  SNS a day? As the weather is getting very nice and we spend time outdoor etc., we may take even more photos these days and share them on SNS. In fact, it is estimated that 3 billion photos are uploaded a day!
Have you ever thought how these photos are used other than those friends of yours may take a look? Come to #48 of Davos Experience in Tokyo on Friday, May 26, to find out.
We will have Mayuko Yamaura, co-founder of as our guest. has developed technology to analyze photos (often times not in ideal condition) taken by us consumers. They combine image analytics, AI and marketing for the purpose of assessing the effectiveness of advertising, developing new products etc.
I met Mayuko early last year and found their business exciting, thus I am delighted that she could come as our guest to #48 Davos.. in Tokyo in 10 days.
We will hear how she and her co-founder developed their business model, what their experiences were at SouthbySouthwest and their future plans. We want YOU to think of creative application of their technology, too. For details and registration, go to our site. Looking forward to seeing you on May 26! (premium Friday!)

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