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Listening to Economist Radio on populism/leadership etc. in the UK this morning, I found interesting phenomenon which reminded me of that in other areas such as art and music.
crkf3diwiaavtfaThe podcast discussed how populism has gained power these days (probably in the face of increasing uncertainties among others-which I often discuss these days in my seminar/workshop). What I found interesting is that populist movement is NOT dedicated to certain view, but could be a collection of many small groups each with rather extreme views. I had thought that populism is united in some way, and so found this remarks interesting. It reflects the diverse views people have and yet it has the unifying power to make it a scale, as we see in the elections in some countries.
I find this phenomenon emerge in other areas such as music and art. It is often called “long tail” in business whose effectI I have been aware of. It can be applied to music and art in that if you appeal to small groups of edgy and extreme taste (not very common) by dutecollecting the pieces each appealing to small group, you can gather enough power and customer base. (In fact, I have had some discussion/debate with one of my friends on this matter, and finally I realised this is the same in politics and in business!)
The days of trying to appeal to many (mass) are gone, and the era of appealing to different edgy groups to build power and engagement is here!

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