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Today, October 20, Saturday is again full of activities for me.  As I am leaving for Milan tomorrow, I had to arrange my logistics to meet with my friend from high school in Florence.  I tried to fly, only to find that there is no direct flight from Milan to Florence and go around via Rome.  After I checked with my friend who is already in Italy, I found that train may be better arrangement.  So this morning, I canceled my flight reservation (no penalty as I did it within 24 hours!) and bought ticket for train. The TRAINLINE in Europe did not accept my credit card, I had to go around and finally succeeded to reserve ticket through the site in Japan.

By the time I was finished, I had to leave for Kabuki.  (I was invited through the bank where I have account.) I rushed and saw two performances. (I am so glad that this is the commemorative event for the late Kanzaburo Nakamura, one of my favorite Kabuki actors.)  I could not stay for the third performance and ended up eating Obento they gave me at Ginza pedestrians paradise. (There are so few places to sit in Tokyo, I found, unlike New York etc.)

Now I am off to Dai Fujikura’s concert Part 2 at Hakuju Hall.  It was wonderful to hear some of his pieces, in particular, I always wanted to hear Chance Monsoon. I liked that piece and also liked Perpetual Spring very much.  It was such a wonderful concert. I met with quite a few of friends and met with some new people I always wanted to meet.

After that, I  am now at  I-House for the session of Akamatsu school organized? by Winwin So it is again a long day.  It poured when I got Roopongi Station. I did not bring umbrella as I rushed when I left as above.   .

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