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I left Davos early Sunday morning, only to wait at Zurich airport over three hours due to snow and ice.  We were sitting on the plane ready to take off, when the captain announced that it would take over one hour for the runway to be cleaned of ice/snow and the plane get de-iced. (I hope this is the right term for it.)

By the time we finally took off  (there were many planes like ours waiting), it was three hour late.  The good thing was that they served drinks and snack, so we were not too irritated!  During the flight, however,  I slept over 6 hours (I caught up  on my sleep because  I slept average of 5 hours or less while in Davos) and got back to Tokyo with 3 hour delay.

As I had a meeting scheduled first thing in the afternoon, I jumped onto the taxi to head back to Tokyo.  I heard from the driver that it would snow tonight in Tokyo!  As I told him that I just got back from Zurich and the flight was delayed due to snow, he said ” You must have brought the snow!”

I made it to the meeting and had five one-on-one feedback sessions with students.

Here I am back home unpacked, getting ready for the class tomorrow morning.  I just noticed that it is snowing out.  Probably I DID bring the cold weather to Tokyo!

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