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The dinner on Talent Mobility on the first night went well, I thought,  as many good ideas and suggestions were made at different tables.  It was nice to see familiar faces such as Premier Jean Charest of Quebec, and others whom I have worked in the past few years on this project.  Every time I hear Premier Charest talk about the initiatives in Quebec with passion, I am very impressed and encouraged by his dedication to make it happen.  At different tables, how to engage policy makers in encouraging talent mobility when the unemployment rate is high has been discussed.

I thought it was very nice to have two Global shapers & Young Global leaders participate in the table discussion as their views and comments were refreshing.  As employment has become such an important issue, we are, indeed, given rare opportunity to make the best use of our work in the past few years and move forward.    We will spend more time later to decide on the specific next steps.

I myself felt relieved as my first role of moderating the dinner was over.  It is always a challenge to get discussion going and to make sure that people who participate get something out of it.

The second day began with the breakfast meeting organized by Bain  & Company. It began at 7:00 a.m., which means I get up 5:00 a.m. and walk in the dark to the hotel where breakfast session was held.  We had 3 speakers at the session entitled “The Power of Repeatability”.  I find the talk by Sheryl Sandburg, COO of Facebook,  very interesting.

I then went to 1-1 session with Michael Porter on Shared Value in Studio.  It was nice to see Mike since over a year ago.  We talked briefly about CSV and recent activities.  During the 30 minute session which is televised, Mike talked about the renewed  approach to capitalism and CSV with some examples.  I am always so impressed with his passion around the topic, and felt that there have been quite a progress on the topic with many experiments.  As I have been very interested in the concept of CSV and have somewhat struggled to get the message across with specific examples, his comment  that there have been many experiments, some successful and others not, was encouraging.

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