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We decided to discontinue Davos Experience in Tokyo series with upcoming session # 60 scheduled for Friday, July 27. We sent the announcement and a note of Thank you to over 1000 participants of this series in the past five years.
On this blog, I want to share my personal thought regarding this series.

What I want to accomplish in my life is to create environment where individuals could develop their unique talent to full, regardless of their age, gender, nationality, background etc. I believe that we could make the world a better place by offering user-friendly opportunities to many individuals who are interested in work/life in global arena. I focus on individuals because individuals play key role in project, organizations, or cities, countries or the world. They are the foundation of competitive advantage in fast-changing world. It is more so now that many traditional boundaries are disappearing, and individuals could function in multiple locations with multiple roles.
I wanted to provide “space” for those with similar aspirations and interests to be exposed to the topics of relevance and interest, and to share their ideas by expressing their views freely. We also wanted to build loose network of people with similar interest, aspirations and “will” to act. I saw few opportunities to get exposure to the current issues discussed throughout the world, to have a view and communicate in English in “risk free” environment.

We continued this series every month over the past five years. In the course of five years, we selected a variety of topics which were of interest to us and current, invited guests to share their expertise. We also have had companies sponsor our sessions to discuss issues for them with the people from outside. We tried to promote the series by writing about it in my book among others, explain at seminars and workshops I did on global strategy/talents etc. To increase repeat participants, I hosted Yoko’s bar events.

We tried variety of format as we learned what worked well and what needed more work. Attempt at virtual forum for participants in the distance was difficult then and discontinued, while we used the trick we learned to engage people from the beginning and to encourage them to participate without worrying too much about their English capability.

Throughout the process, however, several things have stayed the same. One of them is that EVERYTHING IS DONE IN ENGLISH. It is because in order to operate on global level, you need English which is “global de facto”, at least for now, even with the automatic translation software. It is a “tool” with which we can explore the world and as such needs to be used as often as possible to become better at it.
Another was to make the series as user-friendly as possible by designing the registration easy as possible. We organized informal get-together after every session so that people with similar interest and aspirations could get to know.

So, the question now is “Have we accomplished our original objective to develop individuals who could live, work and have fun anywhere in the world, by developing their communication skills and experiencing actual brainstorming and discussion? I feel that we have accomplished a part of this objective, because more than 1000 people have participated in the series and some of them have begun to collaborate and to start new initiatives.

I feel we (and I) are ready for the next phase of this initiative. The world in 2018 is very different from that in early 2013. Geo political issues have become much more important. It is a big question whether Global philosophy survives as our lasting principle, while protectionism and nationalism has been gaining momentum throughout the world.
It is not clear whether Japan has kept up with changes and transformations, and yet I believe it is individual ‘s responsibility to think about the status of the world, share their own views whenever possible with others so that we can develop a good solution to the problem that exists today in the world.

We discontinue this series called Davos experience in Tokyo and give a new name to our new initiative. It is tentatively called “SINCA.” It signifies “進化” in Japanese, which means “Moving Forward”. It stands for “Sharing Innovative & Creative Actions”.
Compared with the Phase 1 of Davos Experience in Tokyo series which offered opportunities to become aware of the issues, have own views, share them with others in the form of brainstorming or discussion, i.e. “Talking”, Phase 2 will emphasize “Actions” by encouraging participants to own the problem themselves, prototype tentative solution ideas with those with similar sense of responsibility and aspiration in Open environment, and finding and trying action ideas, however small. It is “Walking the Talk”

We will host the launch even of new initiative on Saturday September 29 (from 16:00) and everybody is welcome. For detailed outline of the new series we are developing, we will inform you to get feedback and more ideas on this event. So please join us on September 29.

Last, but not least, I would like to thank all that have participated and that have supported this initiative. I sincerely hope that you have gained something from the experience. I also want to extend my sincere gratitude to the people of Wilson Learning Worldwide for their generosity to provide the venue and administrative support for such a long time. Without their help and support we could never have continued this series for such a long time.

I hope not only those who have participated before, but also those who are interested in “actions” to achieve tangible results and specific output, that you accept our words of appreciation for the phase 1 and support our new endeavor of Phase 2. Let us move on to the next phase of our journey. Thank you very much.

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