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It has been quite a musical experience to go from a whole day of Born Creative 2017 in Tokyo to Survivor from Warsaw & Beethoven’s 9th in New York. I wrote quite extensively about Born Creative, so I will focus a bit more on NY Phil concert on Friday, May 5.
I have never heard Schoenberg’s survivor from Warsaw, but it was very powerful. Beethoven’s 9th was quite familiar tone, but I am not sure when was the last time I heard live by philharmonic. (For some reason, 9th is almost only performed in December in Japan and I am usually out of the country.)
As I was listening to the 9th, I recalled what Dai Fujikura, artistic director of Born Creative and good friend of mine, once told me. He said that Beethoven who is perceived as composer of “classical” music was revolutionary and like rock star when he appeared in his time. His theory is that we need to constantly create something new, rather than sticking to “familiar” “classical” pieces as we know, as “revolutionary” today could easily become “classical” in a few decades. I agree that we need to renew ourselves all the time to keep the creative flow going, and should NOT be complacent with what’s safe and “comfortable.”
It was interesting that I was reading the novel (in Japanese) entitled “Bee and Distant Thunder” which describes days of competition of pianists. I really like the novel which won at least two awards in Japan. I find similar thinking in the novel about creating something new and drastic against the conventional wisdom and “popularity” to mass with mass appeal. I was so fascinated by the novel when I started, totally immersed, and found it difficult to distinguish the story with vivid scenes in the novel from what I saw at Born Creative Festival 2017 with collection of “new” sounds from the world.
It was very interesting, inspiring and enlightening experience around music, innovation etc.

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