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Meadow Every summer  I come to Whistler, one of the first things I do is to buy a monthly membership of the Sports Center(photo on the left).  With the membership, you can drop in any exercise class (there are  few that charge a separate fee), in addition to the free use of a variety of equipment, swimming pool, squash courts, and ice skating link.

I go to the circuit class (little over an hour) held at studio  every morning except Sundays when there is no class. The class offered on Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays are harder  than the ones on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays which are meant for people older. (Several people including me  go to both classes.)

Both of the classes consist of cardio and variety of exercises for strength and balance.  At the beginning, instructor shows how to do each exercise and we begin. We go around the circuit of 5 stations,each of which consists of 4 or 5 exercises.  We do each exercise for one minute and repeat the process twice or three times.  We end up doing 20 or so exercises,each for 2 minutes.  In between the stations, there is a water break so that we can drink water.   Some days, it is so strenuous that we almost die!  (I felt sick the other morning due to  my lack of sleep the night before and and protein smoothie before the class in addition to the tough class.)

MAC1MAC24 or 5 of us each start with the station and go around all stations.(Photo on the left show how we do.)  Some couples who come to the class start at the same station, and others start at different ones. (It is rather interesting to see how they behave.)

Each class accommodates 22 people  maximum.  This year, for some reason, classes have been full, unlike other years when people go away for vacation and classes become smaller.

As I go to the class every summer for a few years, I get to know die-hards. I do not remember their names at the beginning of the summer, but as we go every morning,  I feel very much at home and enjoy talking/joking with them by now. (At the beginning of this summer, my physical & mental condition was far from ideal that I felt so out of place.)

At the class, I can tell how  my physical stamina has changed year after year and also can tell my strength level as compared with Canadians (They are much stronger and use much heavier weights and bars!)  The circuit in the summer helps me to maintain physical stamina and get me ready for the fall.

Class in the morning structures the day and gives me energy to continue.  We often joke, “it is RIGHT way to start the day”.  Agreed.

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