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Friday, Jan. 18, turned out to be the day full of activities and events.  I went to annual medical check up as in the past.  Some new test was given and I had a hard time getting back to normal state. (Now I feel almost OK -10 pm)  I felt the chill (I left home early to make the appointment, and it WAS COLD!) even more as I had nothing to eat since last night.  It was quite tiring to go through various tests.  (The doctor shared with me the initial result of blood test, which did not have any significant problem, to my relief.)

I had nice lunch with a daughter of my friend from Boston.  I received a note from her mom early this week (we used to communicate very often, but had lost touch lately, partly because I rarely go to Boston now.) saying that her daughter Gaby is coming. I know Gaby when she was a little girl (probably since she was born!) and welcomed the opportunity to see her after so many years. (probably a few decades.)

We managed to meet (I would NOT have recognized her if I see her on the street.)  and had wonderful time talking about her work (lawyer) and my work, and her plans for stay in Tokyo.

I then had a meeting for the new book (in addition to the paperback version of my old book) with the editor.

The day ended with the concert at Suntory Hall I enjoyed thoroughly.  Impulse by Dai Fujikura performed by Yu Kosuge w Kazuki Yamada conducting Yomiuri Nippon Symphony was so powerful and so sensual.  It is IMPULSE!

It was quite hectic Friday, but ended with such a wonderful music and friendship.

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