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As winter Olympic game is underway in PyeongChang, South Korea,  I recall my first experience of Winter Olympics, over four decades ago. I worked for NBC sports when Winter Olympics was held in Sapporo in 1972. I was one of the first of the team to get there, set up the office with phone/desk etc.  and stayed in Sapporo for over a month. I had a wonderful time, in charge of logistics–i.e. arranging jeep fleet to send crew and presenters to different venues during the game.
The memory of Sapporo Olympics came back to me,  as I happened to watch the show featuring songs for each Winter Olympics. It began with Sapporo Olympics! This exciting experience in Sapporo  led to some TV/media job including cable TV broad cast in English in Tokyo among others. It also gave me the opportunity to visit New York after the game. Photo on the left shows me and Ginny (very competent production assistant later promoted to producer) playing the guitar at the party after the game. (In fact, I ran into her in New York a few years later! on the bus.)
I also had a chance to go to Nagano a few times as I did a session for group of business people who were invited to the games by one of the sponsors.
Olympics has evolved and changed in the four decades with many more different sports. It has quite a bit of geopolitical flavor now as well.
The first time always makes such a strong impact..

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