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Yesterday, I had a big surprise of finding myself on video available on Internet.  This is how it happened. I decided to register for the Open College run by Dr. Ken Ohmae. I had been following the Agoria for quite some time, which has been changed recently.  As I received a note about the new service for Global Leader, I decided to register to watch some sample video. It is called “Practical English for Global Leaders.”   I was watching some digest version for free trial. ( My part is very much down so you have to scroll quite a bit.)   As I check who else is on the program, I found rather familiar face!  It was ME! taken from the show I used to do called “Innovation Live” at Business Breakthrough station.  In the show,  I discussed the requirement to become a professional who can operate on the global scale (it was done a few years ago when the book “Building a career to become the World Class Professional(in Japanese) ” I wrote with Dr. Kiyoshi Kurokawa came out.)  I look rather young (understandable as it has been a while!)

It is rather interesting experience to find you in video  on the internet.  I suppose with Youtube and Ustream etc., you will never know when you find yourself!   I also realize that there are so many cameras around which take photos of the people.   I recall that some people were talking about that  days of privacy is over?

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