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Forum System Initiatives Workshop:Japan & the Fourth Industrial Revolution was held at Roppongi Academy Hills today (Oct.11). I met with some people at the welcome reception last night and was very much looking forward to this event. This is the attempt by the Forum to integrate Forum work on System Initiatives on Shaping the Future of Digital Economy & Society, Health and Healthcare, Mobility and Production, all of which are very relevant to the issues Japan is now faced with.
After the plenary session entitled Society 5.0 (Japanese concept similar to Indutrie 4.0 and the 4IR) in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, we had three parallel workshop sessions in the morning on Digital Economy and Society.   I went to the one on Artificial Intelligence only to find that Japan is quite behind of AI as compared with the US and China (this is what I heard at SingularityU Japan Summit the other day.)

In the afternoon, three workshops were held and I moderated the session entitled “Future of Health and Healthcare.)  After the panel by five panelists addressing various aspects of health and healthcare, we had three breakout group discussions-health, productivity and technology.   Some very interesting ideas were raised during the breakout sessions.

The day ended with the plenary where each  workshop session representative reported back main take away.  (I did for Health group.) It was a whole day of interesting and stimulating discussions in English (which made me quite tired after all),  I learned quite a few things.  Report of the workshop will be ready in a few days.

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