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JakartaEminent-Persons-ForumIt has been a short stay in Jakarta, but I am happy that I came to the Forum on Skills Mobility. Some 12 of us who are involved with Skills Mobility issue in ASEAN met to discuss how we could make a progress on skills mobility at the time of AEC.
I have participated in the Forum in Bali in May on the related issue and also in Tokyo in October. Though it was such tight schedule, I decided to come to Jakarta to attend the first day of the Forum.
I chaired the Session 1 on Progress and Key Challenges on Skills Mobility and also moderated the open forum which followed that session. There were two other sessions held and I left right before the Dinner discussion.
I felt that we have made quite a bit of progress since May. It was good that we went back to the fundamental issue of why ASEAN and why Skills Mobility for maximizing growth and shared prosperity under the AEC. I am grateful that I was given the opportunity to participate.
Now I am ready to go back to Tokyo (after some 20 hr stay in Jakarta.)

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