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I went to Forbes CEO Conference held this afternoon at Palace Hotel (second time at the venue this week!)  I was invited to Gala Dinner this evening by Forbes and replied to attend dinner as well as CEO Conference before the dinner.  I had to miss dinner as I have too many things to do now and my physical status was not 100%  (We had no heat and water at my apartment complex today and I was not feeling 100% well!.)

I missed the first 10 minutes of the keynote session, but heard entrepreneurs who are ranked top 20.(I believe details of the ranking will be published soon.)  I heard  the panel with top three winners and the one entitled “Hatching Innovation”  of the people involved in creating favorable environment for promotion of startups.  (I am now gathering information about start-ups in Japan, and this is one of my attempts to find out more.)

Both panels were interesting, and I learned several things.  As in the past few weeks, I ran into several young friends, which is very nice.

I have joined several groups with different profiles-age, nationality, expertise- these days and my big task is to sort them out.

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